Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been developed along with Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Initially, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was not divided as department. Teachers attached to Department of Humanities and Social Sciences are responsible in teaching several important courses in the educational curriculum. In B.E.2518 (1975), there was the Act enacting all teacher's colleges to transform into academic colleges; therefore, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences was founded by opening for teaching in diploma degree, Bachelor's Degree: (4 years) and Bachelor’s Degree (2 years) (Post-diploma). For field of studies, the faculty had 3 major subjects, namely Thai language, English language and social studies. After that, in the year of B.E. 2527 (1986), the curriculum was improved and the curriculum of liberal arts was opened for teaching in 2535 (1992). “Department of Humanities and Social Science” was transformed into “Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences” in according with the Rajabhat Institute Act and the position of “Chief of Department” was changed to “Dean”; the faculty supervised 11 departments. Later, in the year of B.E. 2542 (1999), a structure of the departments was changed to be programs according to curriculum for producing undergraduate students, total 11 programs and in the year of B.E. 2543 (1987), Programs of Liberal Arts, Dance, Drama and Music were separated to establish as Faculty of Liberal Arts. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, therefore, had the programs opening for teaching in Bachelor's Degree (4 years), departments of educations and art, total 7 programs.

          As, in the present time, the needs of personnel possessing foreign language skills are increased, both in public sector and private sector. All the time from the past, the faculty has opened Japanese Language and French Language and Chinese language subjects all of which are elective subjects of Tourism Industry Program, Business English Program and English Program, all of which were interested by students every year. In the academic year of B.E. 2545 (2002), therefore, the faculty improved potential of Japanese Language Program and Chinese Language Program consisted of the curriculum, lesson plans, teachers, media, lecturer source and field experience by opening “Japanese Language Program” and “Chinese Language Program” in Bachelor's Degree (4 years) in the academic year of B.E. 2546. Moreover, the faculty received academic cooperation with Yunnan Normal University, PRC in establishment of Chinese Language and Culture Center by holding official opening ceremony on June 10, 2002; the faculty opened Chinese Language Training Curriculum for faculty of teachers and interesting persons. In addition Yunnan Normal University provided cooperation with SSRU in making lesson plans “Chinese Language Program” in Bachelor's Degree (4 years). In the academic year of B.E.2546 (2003), SSRU signed in academic cooperation in providing education for students of Yunna Normal University (Joint Venture 2+2 Bachelor's Degree Program) as the students would study at Yunna Normal University for 2 years and other 2 years would study at SSRU in the Tourism Industry Program, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. The aforementioned Chinese students started studying in Tourism Industry Program in 1st semester, academic year of B.E, 2548 (2005) henceforth. Furthermore, in academic year of B.E.2547 (2004), the faculty developed the curriculum and opened for teaching in Bachelor's Degree (4 years), namely Cultural Management, fields in the academic year of 2548 (2005): Hotel and Lodging Business Management, Geography and Geo-Informatics and other 2 fields in the academic year of 2550 (2007): Social Innovation Management and Information Management; the Social Innovation Management opened for enrollment in semester 1/2007 and Information Management started opening for enrollment in semester 1/2008. In the academic year of B.E. 2554 (2011) the faculty opened Local Government (Curriculum of Public Administration).

In the year of B.E.2555 (2012), the faculty developed 2 Master's Degree Curriculum, namely Master of Liberal Arts: Innovative Local Management and Chinese Teaching.

All the past time, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are responsible for management of lesson plans, General Education Courses for students of faculties, including teaching in major/specific subjects for students of faculty, total 13 fields.

Bachelor's Degree : Programs in

          1. Thai program
          2. English program
          3. Business English program
          4. Japanese program
          5. Chinese program
          6. Public Administration program
          7. Tourism Industry and Hospitality and Hospitality Management program
          8. Hotel and Lodging Business Management program
          9. Geography and Geo-Informatics program
          10. Social and Cultural Management program
          11. Information management System program
          12. Laws program
          13. Police Administration program

       However, Nowadays, the social condition is changed into a competitive way; therefore, the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has to develop learning matter to keep the pace with globalization and to possess potential in service and education in standard level to be recognized in local and international stage...